"Learn The Secrets Of Launching & Selling

High Ticket Products Or Services Using

Viral Workshops"

And Break Past 6-Figures Without Spending More Of Your Money, Doing Any Hard Selling, Or Needing Tons Of Experience

30th July

7 PM - 10 PM

3 Hours


Why Learn From Us?

Running profitable events comes down to 4 steps -

1. Selling the tickets
2. Getting people to show up
3. Fulfilling the event
4. Upselling

Yes, it's that simple! In order to deploy wildly successful, predictably profitable, and extremely FUN virtual events, these are the 4 steps you need to go through.

And guess what?

We will show you exactly how to do this all from the comfort of your own home, with no fancy tech. We know that hosting an event of 100 to 1000 participants can be intimidating, especially if you've never done them before.

But what if we give you a complete step-by-step framework for not only making your event successful but for getting tons of people to attend it too. Even if you've never hosted a virtual event or belong to a small niche, you can still pull it off!

Is it easy?

Yes, it is! With the right roadmap, you don't just host a workshop, you make it profitable!

We at Digital Scholar have hosted tons of workshops on multiple domains and trained 1000s of professionals with them.

In this workshop, you will get to learn from none other than Sorav Jain, who has been named World's Leading Digital Marketing Influencer by Buzzsumo.

He hosted 200+ virtual workshops just last year.

Isn't it crazy?

Sorav has grown his Instagram to over a 278K Followers by building an active community around professionals eager to invest and learn from him.

And you know what, you can too!

Wanna know how? Read on to know more about it.

Reserve a seat before July 30th, 2022 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,997

Who is this workshop for?

If you're a coach/trainer, this workshop will help you sell your high ticket coaching programs

If you're a business owner, and you want to find new ways to sell your products online, this workshop is for you

If you offer consulting services or any other kind of services, this workshop will help you sell well

If you're a freelancer, you will learn how to sell your services and get paid twice. This workshop is for you

Reserve a seat before July 30th, 2022 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,997

What will you learn in the workshop?

You will get a master checklist and step-by-step process right from choosing an offer, to workshop topic to selling it and doing the follow ups. You will be ready to launch your profitable workshops in 1 weekend

Learn the simple formula to craft a name that sells 5x more. Always remember, the headline or the title is read 5 times more than the entire sales page

We will show you the way to generate high quality leads in your niche. Now you can stop wasting your money on ads that don't convert

You don't need to spend heavy on expensive tools, you can be smarter than that and all you need is a free tool to sell your workshops and offers. You will learn some awesome free tools in this workshop

You will Learn to create your first or next ebook in this legendary trick. You will create an amazing 30 pages ebook with awesome creatives in 10 minutes and that's a guarantee. Ebook will help you get more workshop attendees

Get Ad Templates and Ad Copies and use a ridiculously simple Shortcut Sales technique to sell most of your workshops organically (these templates take less than 30 minutes to build)

Create a perfect upsell strategy from your workshop that works every single time without having to setup an online course or do the recording. You only need a zoom meeting, no systems or no complicated tools or spending heavily on ads

Reserve a seat before July 30th, 2022 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,997

Unlock Bonuses Worth Rs 14,997 if you register before July 30th

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Companies Where Our Students Are Placed

Don't Take Our Word for It, See What our Previous Attendees are Saying

"I have made a revenue of over 60 Lakhs in just 1 years as a content writing coach."

Uma Madhavi (Content Writing Coach)

"I successfully quit my 9 to 5 job to start my coaching and services for canva. Super delighted and happy with where I'm. Thanks to Rishi Jain and Sorav Jain."

Ranjeet Raj (Canva Coach and Freelancers)

"I successfully saved a lot of money and invested in ads and sold high ticket products worth 50k and made over 6 Lakhs in revenue. All thanks to trainers."

Mushtaq Ahmed (High-Ticket 'Train The Trainer Coach)

"I have made a revenue of over 3 Lakhs by doing workshops around Canva."

Heena Sheikh (Canva Coach)

More Than 2000+ people have taken up Viral Workshop Mastery

Reserve a seat before July 30th, 2022 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,997

Know Your Trainers

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is the Founder of Echovme and Digital Scholar, India's best digital marketing agency and institute. Sorav will train you with NEW strategies and gameplan to hack the process of online selling. He'll lay the fundamentals right from basics to advanced for you in developing the sales pitch and will Customize and polish it in the entire module in pre-done videos format that will make you an awesome Online Coach and Digital Course Creator

World's Leading Digital Marketing Influencer

15+ Years of Experience

Founder - Digital Scholar, echoVME Digital

200,000+ Trained

Rishi Jain

Rishi will help you through the step-by-step process, hand holding you through various complicated tools and the "Zen System"- a powerhouse of the best digital ecosystem suitable for all people and make it look like a cheesecake for you!

India's Leading Digital Coach

5+ Years of Experience

Co-founder- Digital Scholar

200,000+ Trained

Reserve a seat before July 30th, 2022 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,997

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How do I watch the live session?

Once you enroll, we will send you the links and reminders to log in and attend the event live, don't worry we have you covered. 

2. Is there a Refund Policy?

No ! This workshop doesn't have any Refund Policy.

3. What time is the LIVE sessions?

The Date of the workshop is July 16th.

Duration: 3 Hours

Time: 7 PM - 10 PM

4. When is the next event?

Sorry! This is a one time event! We won't have this workshop again anytime soon!

5. What is the timezone?

It is IST (Indian Standard Time).

Reserve a seat before July 30th, 2022 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,997

Reserve a seat before June 13th, 2022 to unlock Bonuses worth ₹14,997

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