Turn Followers into Paying Customers 

 It Doesn’t Matter How Many Followers You Have, What Matters Is How You Monetize Them. A 3-Phase Process To Get Massive Growth On Instagram And Turn Followers Into Clients. 


The Influencer Club IS NOT a regular course..


It’s NOT a pre-recorded course which is 25-hours full of theory but lacking in action. 


It’s NOT 317-page little-known-but-accidentally-revealed-top-secrets Instagram Book.


It’s NOT a pack of 💩💩💩 based on no (or very little) experience.

BUT, the Influencer Club is a community. It is a PROVEN Shortcut to Insane Growth on Instagram!

It’s the only club in India with an access to top-notch content, Live Classes, Q and A Sessions, Community Meetup and a lot more. 

Unmatched Benefits

You’re Attracting Wrong Audience

Oftentimes, creators become consumed with creating too many reels that yield little reward and attracting wrong audiences. You spend hours and hours creating valuable content but when it comes to engagement and actions, it’s all crickets. We feel you. 

The result?

You Stop After 6-Months of 1-Year thinking Instagram is not for you. 

You Don’t Have A System To Convert

Many creators only focus on views and getting followers, but the real question is, “Can you encash views and followers in your bank?”
Ofcourse Not! 

You need to have a solid system in place where from automation and conversational stories, you can generate leads from your followers and convert them for your high-ticket offers. 

Content Creation Could Be A Lonely Journey 

Perfecting your captions, your feed, your website, or how you position yourself as a content creator means NOTHING if you don’t actually have something to SELL and create your own community.

Content creation is a lonely journey and we fixed that. 



The Influencer Club takes the confusion out of monetizing your content. 

Success doesn't happen overnight: it takes the right combination of business strategies and an active approach to social media. By combining both, you unlock a winning formula that will help your business reach new heights via Instagram!

3Cs that will change your life for the better

Be a problem finder and a problem solver and not a product pusher. Identify whos your target audience is and start solving their problems. If you truly have clarity in what you're doing on Instagram, you’re pretty much sorted. Here’s the thing, the bigger the WHY, the easier the HOW. Most people struggle with their niche and target the wrong audiences. 

Build demand for your products or services by having a rock-solid engaging content strategy that quickly attracts the right followers to paying clients. And no, you don’t need a lot of followers for that. I’m sure 1 million in the bank is much more attractive than 1 million on Instagram and zero in the bank. 

Create a fail-proof sales systems where you generate leads for your products or services via Instagram Stories, Automation and content and learn to close them via your high-converting sales scripts and formulas. 

Everything that I teach in the Influencers Club is based on the exact steps I took: 

To Build My Authority on Instagram

To Monetize my Followers for Products, Services, Consulting and a lot more. 

To Create An Amazing Community 

Got awarded as the world’s leading digital marketing influencer and got invited as Tedx Speaker multiple times 


The Influencers Club’ IS FIRST OF ITS KIND

The System is Designed to Help You Succeed. The only way you will fail in growing and monetising your Instagram is if You QUIT! 

When you become part of this community, you get access to the following for 1 year, Here’s how the community works in 4 Legs: 

Pre-Recorded Videos

Uncover the latest, most profitable techniques currently driving success on Instagram, plus action steps on how to implement them yourself on-demand. You can binge watch them right away and get instant results.


On Completing all the tasks in the cohorts and community, you will get rewarded with our merchandise and the best performer of every cohort also gets a FREE 1-on-1 session with Sorav to further their growth.

Live Classes

Get Access to:
 >  4 LIVE cohorts throughout the year.
>  Each cohort is for 8 Weeks Long.
> Each Class every week goes upto 2 Hours LIVE.

You can attend any cohort throughout the year, or attend all of them. 

Mobile App

For the first time in India, A community brimming with like-minded members where you can ask questions in our very own mobile app and get support direct from other members of the club!



Many people struggle to come up with ideas for posts that will capture their audience's attention and encourage them to engage with the content.


Even if someone has high-quality content, they may still struggle to attract new followers if they don't have a clear strategy for promoting their account or if they're targeting the wrong audience.


Even if someone has a large following, they may still struggle to get their audience to engage with their content if they're not using Instagram's features and tools effectively or if they're not posting at the right times.


Many people struggle to turn their Instagram following into a source of income if they don't know how to effectively use the platform for marketing and monetization.


Instagram's algorithm is constantly changing and if one doesn't keep up with the changes, it can make it harder to reach their target audience.


Many people struggle to get noticed by brands and influencer marketing agencies, which can limit their monetization opportunities.


Many people struggle to measure the success of their Instagram strategy and to understand which tactics are working and which aren't.

You don’t have to be an expert. That’s what Influencers Club is here for.

We show you what to do and how to do it so you can get results in the shortest time possible.

‘The Influencers Club’


Influencer Course - Access to 5 hours+ on-demand courses (recently updated).


Weekly Live sessions for 1 Year - 4 Cohorts: Where you LIVE challenges and can ask questions to me directly. Yes, we are doing this!


1 Year Access to India's first Instagram community The 1% Club on Play Store and App Store with over 8000+ Members Already!


Get Access to Cool Merchandise and gifts when you complete all the tasks in the Community.


Get Access to Trending Audios Every Week, New Updates on Instagram and Tips from top creators and what’s working for them.

Alright, I know what you’re thinking, Not another course by another “influencer” but here’s the real deal.

I work with 60+ National and International Clients and handle their Instagram Pages and I charge no less than 3 Lakhs monthly as retainers. 

All of these insights coming to you in this membership ✔️

Who is this for? 

Digital Marketer/Social Media Marketing Expert

Instagram offers a variety of features such as Instagram Stories, Instagram Shopping, Instagram Live that can be used to create engaging and interactive content, drive sales, and track performance. Understanding how to effectively use Instagram for marketing can help digital marketer increase their reach, engagement, and ultimately drive more sales for their business or for their clients.

Freelancers/Agency Owners

I have over 60+ clients that pay me 3 Lakhs/Month on an average for managing their Instagram pages, that’s 1.8 Cr in a month. That’s how HOT this market is, and as a freelancer and agency owner, this is one niche that you want to tap into to unlock your gold mine.

Entrepreneur/Business Owner

If you run a successful business but want to make it bigger and have more sales on Instagram. Learn to generate leads and sales using conversational strategies.


You want to monetize those followers, get brand collaborations and climb your influence ladder by collaborating with other influencers from the community. 


If you’re serious about selling your high-ticket programs, and consulting packages, then Instagram is a game changer. I have personally sold over 3 Crores+ worth of coaching products via my Instagram page, and my highest sales in one day was 1.25 Lakhs from just my stories. You need to master the art of conversational stories, and I will help you to sell better.

And I have helped Thousands to grow and make money on Instagram with my strategy and it worked! 

Let’s take a look at some of the documented case-studies
(There are numerous once which is undocumented )

"I have made 1.5CR in last 1 year and gained 90K follower on my Instagram account"

Vivek (Founder of Paddlerzonerishikesh)

"We bought your course and finally hit 18k followers! You inspire us daily! Made over $25000 selling freelancing services."

RanjeetRaj (Freelancer and Canva Coach)

"I have grown my Instagram account from 10K to 100K in less than 6 months."

- Tanya Puri (Make-up Artist)

"I went from 5K followers to over 210K followers on my Instagram in just 1 year."

- Shivani (Personality & Softskills Trainer)

"I have successfully grown my Instagram account over 27,000 followers in just few months, after joining Digital Scholar."

- Mish (Instagram Food Blogger)

"I have grown my Instagram over 30,000 followers in less than 6 months"

- Heena Sheikh (Canva Coach)

"I am getting 1000s of new followers every month and already generated a revenue of 5 Lakhs INR in just 3 months.."

- Minu (Instagram Influencer & Business Coach)

"I have grown my Instagram over 1,400 followers to 149K followers in less than 1 year."

- Riddhi Deorah (Parenting Coach)

"My 2 Instagram accounts have grown at rocket speed touching 807k and 196k now."

- Ujjwal Gadhvi (Spirituality and Finance Expert)

"From 2,500 followers to 118k followers my Instagram journey has been incredible in the last 1 year."

- Akshit Kapoor (Founder of Vastulogy)

"Growing Instagram from 32 followers to 100,000 in 2 years has been like a dream for me."

- Salila Sukamaran (Ayurveda Practitioner)

"I have closed 2 high-tickect clients from my Instagram in just one week."

- Arpit Gupta (Founder of Flamingo Infotech)

"I have not only gained 10K followers but I'm also making 1.5Lakh/month through my Instagram in just 2 months"

- Asmita Jason (Freelancer)

"I have grown my followers from 3000 to 10k and have got 6 clients through my Instagram."

- Swetha Agarwal (Instagram Coach)

What Will You Actually Learn - Course Curriculum

Module 1:

The Basement Day

Everything begins with strong basics. So, it starts with understanding the purpose of going digital, 10Cs & affirmations of an influencer. We also bust some myths around this!

Module 2:

The Figuring-out Stage

Understanding the differences between niche & micro-niche and helping you discover your niche. 

Module 3:

The Optimization Trick

From creating a kickass Instagram profile to writing an effective bio and everything in between. (Yes, competitor analysis too) 

Module 4:

The Content Prep

Preparing for a content mindset and understanding different styles of content that actually works. You can plan your content calendar with us. 

Module 5:

The Visual Treat

Instagram also loves aesthetics and so does its audience. So, this module has everything about IG themes, colour combos, fonts and appearances. 

Module 6:

The Canva Hack

The smart work kicks in Creating 10 days worth of content like listicles, carousels, quotes and everything your audience will love.

Module 7:

The Reelcyclopedia

Instagram’s MOST favourite kid- Reels. You’ll learn types of reels and 7 key things you need to go viral.

Module 8:

The Copy Section

You’ll learn about the AIDA model, Storytelling method, and various different hacks that will help you write thumb-stopping copies for you Instagram post captions.

Module 9:

The Hashtag Game

This module will make you strong at this game. We teach you different types of hashtags like Flick/Meta Hashtags and also organic research methods. 

Module 10:

The Stories’ Gala

From taking polls, running Q&A’s, reposting & sharing stories to piggybacking on the different format of Instagram stories to drive good sales. (You’ll love this) 

Module 11:

The Highlights Parade

Everything about adding the right stories on highlights and weeding out the extras. You’ll learn about story templates and designing the cover pictures for those highlights. 

Module 12:

The Organic Growth Stage 

Now that your profile is ready, it’s time to bag some followers and sales to your business. We will be teaching you the exact growth strategies that will help you get followers organically. 

Module 13:

The Credibility Boosting Stage

Time to go on LIVE and build credibility. Do it strategically. Collaboration!

Module 14:

Monetize your Instagram

Learn the different ways to make money through Instagram, learn the art of Collaboration and ways to get clients.

Is The Influencer Club Right For You?

This is for you if you....

Are a new content creator wanting to generate atleast one lakh per month with a 1:1 high-ticket offer (the fastest way to get started with a small following!)

Are serious about making money and not just about views and followers and want to put in the efforts. We want you to sign paid clients ASAP!

ENJOY creating content and SELLING and don’t find it as a burden 

Don't have a defined niche yet, never worked with 1:1 clients before, and are looking to monetize content creation through a community based online coaching program from scratch with tested results.

This is not for you if you...


Only want Followers and Views and Don’t want to SELL anything ( Although we do teach how to grow followers and views but it’s just boring to not to be able to make any money ) 


Don’t want to network with other influencers from the community and see they are doing it 


Not committed to grow your own Business


Don’t want to ever do 1:1 with random people ( your followers ) and face their problems and desires to sell your services or products. 



Participate in club activities, compete among the community, and top the leaderboard to win exciting rewards and prizes.

Join Live Events

Join virtual events taken up by experts in Instagram and Social media. Interact with them ask doubts and grab their insights.

Network with others

You’ll get your own chatroom where you can chat with other members belonging to the same niche.

See What the Programs Looks like

Get the Offer while it lasts!

What's included:

The 1-year Membership to the Influencers Club
The 14 Essential Training Modules
Weekly Live Sessions
My Personal Strategies and Case Studies
Learning with Fun through Gamification
Get Access to our Mobile App
Launch Offer

In Case There's Anything I Missed, Here are Some Commonly Asked Questions!

1. Is The Instagram Influencers Club the right fit for me IF I’m brand-new to business and don’t have a niche or many followers?

YES! In fact, TIC is specifically designed for new and aspiring content creators who are starting out or have NEVER signed paid clients before.

You’ll find everything you need to get clarity on your niche and social media strategy. 

By the end of the first two modules, our students are already hitting the ground running with clients, even if they started TIC with no niche and less than 1,000 followers.

2. Sorav gives a LOT in his Reels Mastery, Canva Mastery Courses, On His Instagram. How will this be any different?

You’re right... Sorav does believe in sharing a LOT in his posts, videos, and podcasts, Courses. But those are just getting started strategies. TIC offers more insane sales tactics that helps you monetize your content ( it’s never been shared openly before ) 

TIC is where Sorav reveals his more advanced content organized in a clear roadmap, so you have a step-by-step path with no missing pieces to succeed on Instagram.

Also, there is community support, live classes, gamification, a lot of prizes to be won. It’s fun to be learning with a group of like minded people 

3. So… Is this club an Instagram course or a business coaching course?

Both. TIC is the 1 year membership for aspiring business owners, coaches, consultants who want to know exactly how to set up the foundations of their coaching business, launch powerful offers, Sell their services and products AND use Instagram for smarter lead generation and signing paid clients.

Yes, you get the most updated, integrity-focused Instagram techniques and strategies, but you use them AFTER you’ve got clarity on your business and your offers.

Creating content doesn’t pay you but Getting clients does.

The Club shows you how to do both effectively using gamification 

4. How soon will I make my money back? I’m worried this will be yet another program that I don’t get a return on my investment.

GREAT question! The TIC is designed for students to see results within 60-90 days if they follow it diligently. You can probably see the results within a week too. That said, each student’s success depends on a combination of factors, including but not limited to their unique background, commitment, and effort.

5. Why is it only one year access and not lifetime?

It’s a membership and we have kept the prices already too low for you to make the best use of training. One year is kept for two purposes, the live classes will be throughout the year and the content keeps upgrading. . Also, we don’t want some dead old content in the pre-recorded courses but continously upgrade with the changes that happens on Instagram. Second purpose, is we want you to implement and get results, and not just buy it and keep the course aside! 

What Will You Get: 

Part 1: Pre-Recorded Course Curriculum Details 

Part 2: Live Class Curriculum Details: 

6. Is there a refund policy?

No, we do not have a refund policy as it is a year long membership which provides immense value. 

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