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You Don’t Have To Be An “Expert” To Grow Your LinkedIn Audience.

Just follow simple, tried and tested processes that gives maximum results

Result we have got using these LinkedIn Secrets-

Through hyper-personalization on LinkedIn, we got guest speakers from Mercedez, Dabur, Semrush, etc.

Increased my professional network of supporters from 100 to 10,000 in a span of 10 months.

Reached 1 Million post impressions in 7 days with inbound leads flowing in flocks.

The BAD NEWS is:

Linkedin Growth Secrets Course
Is NOT for Everyone

  • It’s NOT for people who do not want to invest time in content research.
  • It’s NOT for people who will not take any action after watching the course. 
  • It’s NOT for people who believe LinkedIn is dead and getting clients/jobs is next to impossible. 

Sorry guys—maybe next time.


It's ESPECIALLY Designed for

No matter what you do. It works perfectly for:

  • Students, or working professionals who are looking for a new job opportunity
  • B2B businesses who are looking for collaboration and clients
  • Anyone who wants to build their personal brand
  • Any business who wants to attract professional leads 

LinkedIn Growth Secrets Course IS NOT a Course

  • It’s NOT a 5-hour course full of theory but lacking in action.
  • It’s NOT lengthy ebooks with little-known-but-accidentally-revealed-top-secrets
  • It’s NOT a pack of 💩💩💩based on no (or very little) experience

It is a Proven System and Strategies!

What if building a brand on LinkedIn was a piece of cake? 

This is what this course can do for you!

I started my digital marketing agency in 2011, Echovme with a two-member team ( My wife and I ) and with just one international client. 

I had no money to hire more people, in fact it was very difficult to find talent and clients for this field back then. 

What helped me to get amazing talent for my agency and people who can pay for our services is - LinkedIn.

Echovme is a Meta Partner agency and has almost 100 employees now. (Majority of them are hired from LinkedIn)

We have worked with over 100+ top brands till date and again majority of them found us via brand presence and cold outreach using LinkedIn.

And all THIS was possible with the help of us being there on LinkedIn! 

Some of the milestones achieved 

LinkedIn Growth Secrets

See what’s waiting for you once you enroll:

Module 1:

Module 1 - What's Linkedin all about

  • Getting to the basics
  •  Benefits of LinkedIn for business
  • Benefits of LinkedIn for job search
  • Networking & Personal Branding on LinkedIn – The Goal

Module 2:

Optimizing your Kickass profile

  • Setting up the profile
  • The 3 step Blueprint- Visibility: The factors
  • The 3 step Blueprint- Credibility
  •  3 step Blueprint- Approachability 

Module 3:

Niche Discovery Secrets

  • Advanced Niche Discovery  Strategy
  • Niche vs Microniche
  • Understanding Audience Persona
  • Key Rule to succeed

Module 4:

Key Rule to succeed

  • Mysteries behind the dwell algorithm
  • Categories & types of posts on LinkedIn
  • Breaking content creation in 5 simple steps
  • The hook & the hammer technique

Modules 5:

Connection Gameplay

  • Understanding 1st, 2nd & 3rd degree
  • Secrets of the LinkedIn search bar using boolean
  • Utilizing the LinkedIn XRay

Module 6:

Where the money is (Lead Generation)

  • You-Value-Me approach
  • Lusha to the rescue
  • The “fly in the mirror” marketing strategy – Creating the Sales Inception

Module 7:

The Autopilot mode

  • Automate the connect and endorse
  • Personalized message using nexweave
  • Getting email ids for non active profiles
  • Engagement Pods

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