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Freelancing is the way to go to

Develop a 6 Figure mindset:

Learn how to set goals, manage time and increase your productivity to earn more.

Attract high-ticket clients: 

Learn the psychology behind getting clients organically through various social media platforms.

Master the art of selling:

How to prepare for a prospect call and effectively convert them without spamming

 International Freelancing Accelerator Course 

See what’s waiting for you once you enrol:

Module 1:

All about 6 figure mindset

  • Developing the right growth mindset

  • Building your six figure money mindset

  • All about having a Business Owner Mindset

  • How to overcome from fear of failure & Importer syndrome

Module 2:

Freelancing 101

  • Understanding A-Z of freelance business
  • Identifying your profitable and problem solving skill sets
  • Create your Ideal client Avatar (ICA)
  • How to Price and package your high ticket offers?

Module 3:

Building your strong digital brand 

  • What is personal brand and what are its benefits 
  • How to create and optimize your Twitter profile
  • How to research and create contents for your social media
  • How to create a portfolio that attracts prospects?

Module 4:

Getting High ticket clients 

  • Understand the psychology & mindset behind getting clients
  • How to get your 1st Beta client? 
  • How to get Clients through LinkedIn and Twitter?
  • 10+ other proven ways and strategies to get clients

Modules 5:

Mastering the art of Sales

  • How to Handle objections and convert prospects into clients?
  • How to do follow ups without spamming
  • How to create and send a High converting proposal
  • How to create a contract to avoid future disputes?

Module 6:

All about Getting paid

  • How to get paid properly (Payment terms and conditions)
  • How to send invoice and agreement when client accepts the proposal
  • How to ask for a testimonial to build a strong portfolio
  • How to ask for referrals to scale to multiple clients

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We have 3 power packed bonuses for you. Enroll now to unlock these

Bonuses Worth ₹22,994

BONUS 1: (Value - ₹1,999)

Freelancing Tools Mastery 

Trello, Slack, Caledly, Zoom, Google forms, google calendar, Loom etc

BONUS 2: (Value - ₹1,999)

Payment Gateway Mastery+ Freelance taxes 

PayPal, Payoneer, Razorpay etc.

BONUS 3: (Value - ₹4,999)

Freelancing KIT 

Worksheets, Cheat sheets, Email & DM Script, Invoice Template, Portfolio Template, Agreement/contract Templates 

BONUS 4: (Value - ₹4,999)

Fiver Mastery 101 

Learn everything about how to get gigs on the platforms

BONUS 5: (Value - ₹3,999)

Team Building and scaling your business to 10x 

Learn on how to build team and sacle your freelancing journing to the next level

BONUS 6: (Value - ₹4,999)

Pvt. FB Group community Access 

Never struggle and feel alone in the freelancing journey any more, get support form peers and managers

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