Finally, An Easy “Copy & Paste” Facebook Ads Strategy That Works In 2023
– No Matter The Algorithm Change

Learn The FB Ads Tactics From an Industry Veteran who has spent over $100million on Fb Ads in last 10 years

Learn How To Create, Optimize & Scale Facebook Ad Campaigns that I use at my agency and charge over 5 Lakhs/Month to my Clients

Reach 10X more people and generate quick sales with Agency level Facebook Ads Domination course

Trusted by 1000+ customers

50+ Video tutorials inside

Bonus worth Rs.999 inside

Facebook Ads course is mindblowing. It amazed me, how we can boost conversions and leverage ROAS through social media, especially through Facebook! The course taught me how to run and track my lead generation campaigns, along with automations and boosting posts to drive 10x sales through Facebook campaigns! The course is brilliantly crafted and loaded with an information-rich syllabus, along with excellent strategies to optimise campaigns and revive ROI, live case studies of top brands and so much more!
- Cherisha Mutta

This Facebook Ads Course is Your One-Stop Solution for Ramping Up Your Digital Growth


Access to ad strategies used by the best advertisers in the world


A structured approach to launches, testing, optimization, and scaling ads


Built upon Sorav Jain's 13 years of digital marketing expertise ​serving over 600+ national and international clients and teaching over 100,000+ students.


Understand Facebook Ads on a deeper level as we are a Meta Partner Agency that spent over $1 million in just over a month

Why Use Facebook Ads?

With more than 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it is one of the best platforms to advertise. Here are some reasons why FB Ads is the best choice for businesses, whether they are new or already established.

Anyone can Advertise: Anyone who needs to advertise their product or business can use Facebook as their primary platform

Simple Setup: Anyone who has basic knowledge can do the setup for their Facebook ads account.

The audience is on Facebook: Approximately. 2 billion users are active on Facebook every month. So there is a huge opportunity to reach existing customers, new customers, and people who have similar interests.

Ads Customised to Specific Goals: Facebook provides a vast range of advertising objectives, so users can choose the goals that fill their requirements and business motives.

Targeting Possibilities: Facebook ads can target people by age, interests, locations, demographics, connections, and behavior.

Facebook ads course taught me how to create, track and optimise lead gen campaigns. The course covered all about Facebook Pixels and audience creation, besides teaching me how to create a winning lead generation funnel. Additionally, I also learned several strategies to optimise campaigns and revive the ROI and how to expand brand presence and reach!
- Tamanna S Lalen

Facebook Ads Course

A Simple Step-by-Step, TRIED-AND-TESTED System for getting started with Facebook ads and scale it to the next level.

Who is this Course for?

Who are looking to scale up and sell their products/services online

Who are looking to add skill in Facebook ads to their armoury

Who wants to establish their strong presence in facebook ads sector

Who love to develop a new skill which can make them earn money

Who wants to use the power of paid advertising to its full extent

Facebook icon

Who are into the same field and looking to enhance your powers

The BAD NEWS is:

Agency-Level Facebook Ads Course
Is NOT for Everyone

  • It’s NOT for people who do not want to invest in Fb Ads.
  • It’s NOT for people who will not take any action after watching the course. 
  • It’s NOT for people who believe Facebook ads will make them rich overnight. 

Sorry guys—maybe next time.


It's ESPECIALLY Designed for

No matter which niche you are in. It works perfectly for:

  • Coaches, Consultants and Digital Product Sellers. 
  • E-Commerce, Busines owners, Product Owners
  • B2B companies, Service Providers, SaaS providers
  • You can also learn these strategies if you want to get placed/hunt for jobs. 

Agency-Level Facebook Ads Course IS NOT a Course

  • It’s NOT a 25-hour facebook ads course full of theory but lacking in action.
  • It’s NOT lengthy ebooks with little-known-but-accidentally-revealed-top-secrets
  • It’s NOT a pack of 💩💩💩based on no (or very little) experience

It is a Proven System and Strategies!

What if running facebook ads for Products/Services was a piece of cake? 

This is what Agency-Level Facebook Ads can do for you!

I started my digital marketing agency in 2011, Echovme with a two-member team ( My wife and I ) and with just one international client. 

I had no money to hire more people, in fact it was very difficult to find talent and clients for this field back then. 

I was in a lot of debt, so I had to find different ways to make money and sustain my family. I hosted my first ever Facebook Ads workshop in Mumbai in 2013 ( and got a house-full by running facebook ads ) and since then there was no looking back. 

I have worked with more than 500+ brands in the last 10 years and spent over $100million. 

Echovme is a Meta Partner agency and has almost 100 employees now. 

I started Digital Scholar in 2019 and have trained more than 100,000+ people now. 

And all THIS was possible with the help of Facebook Ads! 

Some of the milestones achieved 

From lead gen to brand awareness, This course will help you to manage your entire sales funnel – so you get more conversions and less chaos

Become Highly Paid By Learning these Skills Directly from the Master of Advertising

Do these terms look Greek and Latin to you?


Don’t Worry! Just Give me 6 Hours of Your Time, and I promise you, you will start speaking the language of a true Facebook media buyer.


Results we have achieved for our Clients

Case: Smart CEO

  • Total Leads: 1000
  • Closure: 200 Registrations.
  • Spent: 2,00,000
  • Targeted: All the Small Business Owners, CXOs 

Case: DAC Promoters

  • Total Leads: 800 (600 for static image, 200 for video) 
  • Conversion: 12 Homes 
  • Budget:  3 Lakhs.
  • Targeted: 5Kms radius audience (Age 30 to 50), married men and women.

Case: JCS Jewel Creations

  • Leads - 1272
  • CPL- Rs. 7
  • Targeted all the women above 27 (Chennai)

Case: Vinayank Group

  • Skoda Rapid  

  • Leads - 114

  • CPL- Rs. 39

  • Spent: Rs.4K

  • Closure: 2 cars

In our best performing campaign we spent around ₹25,000 on a niche specific product and got more than 4x Returns on the money spent on Ads which gave us a revenue of around  ₹1,15,000.

This was a high value product and we closed in our cost per result at around Rs900.

“How cool is that?”

Another campaign which we ran for a different product gave us more than 5X returns on the money spent on ads which was around ₹17,000. With a Cost per Click less than ₹5, this campaign gave us more than 90k in revenue.

In our most recent campaign we got each click for less than ₹3 which resulted in more than ₹25k in revenue. We spent less than ₹10k in this campaign and it gave close to 3X returns on our ads.

Isn’t it crazy? Who doesn’t love 3X,5X returns on their investments, but the thing is, it has to be aligned with your customers need.

But how to do that? How to reach the right audience who are actually interested in your product/service, and make them complete the purchase?

Get ready to enter a new dimension after this Course: Generating More Traffic, More Leads & More Revenue.

With more than 2 billion monthly active users on Facebook, it is one of the best platforms to advertise. Here are some reasons why FB Ads are the best choice for businesses, whether they are new or already established.


Using an advanced targeting system get high-quality leads who are interested in your product/service.


By learning in-depth agency-style Ad models you can increase your conversion rate x3


Open up a new world of opportunities with the help of Ads and Scale up your business


Use the plug and play Ad system templates to create Winning Sales funnels


Implement all these insider secrets to Minimize Budgets and Maximize Results

See what’s waiting for you once you enroll:

Module 1:

Introduction to Facebook Ads

  • Defining Brand Persona
  • Defining Audience Persona
  • Understanding problems and desires

Module 2:

AD account setup

  • Objectives of Facebook ads
  • Ad Structure
  • Psychology of Facebook ads

Module 3:

Targeting Audience

  • Advanced Demographics
  • Interest-Based Targeting
  • Customer Avatar

Module 4:

Facebook Sales Funnel

  • Process to create a funnel
  • Multiple ad sets in one campaign
  • Track your ad results
  • Strategy with Case studies

Modules 5:

Facebook Pixel

  • What is fb pixel
  • Custom and Conversion pixel
  • How to integrate it

Module 6:

Lead Gen Techniques

  • Conversion Ad campaigns
  • Lead generation with emails
  • Evaluating and controlling ads
  • Retargeting audience
  • Creating custom audience

Modules 7:

Troubleshooting Ad Account

  • Fixing Ad errors
  • Terms and conditions
  • Low budget error
  • Account error
  • Instagram integration

Module 8:

Engaging your audience

  • Content marketing on FB
  • Ways to create engagement
  • Boosting effectively

That's not it! We have lot more in stock for you...

We have 3 power-packed bonuses for you. Enroll now to unlock these

Bonuses Worth ₹18,997

BONUS 1: (Value - ₹9,999)

Canva templates for Fb ads

Create stunning Ad designs using these tried and tested  creative templates

BONUS 2: (Value - ₹4,999)

Copywriting for Ads templates

Never struggle again to find the right words for your ad copies with these proven templates

BONUS 3: (Value - ₹3,999)

Actionable step-by-step checklists for fb ads

Follow this step-by-step checklist to set up and run your ad with maximum efficiency eveytime

Know Your Trainer

Sorav Jain

Sorav Jain is the Founder of Echovme and Digital Scholar, India's best digital marketing agency and institute. Sorav will train you with NEW strategies and gameplan to hack the process of online selling. He'll lay the fundamentals right from basics to advanced for you in developing the sales pitch and will Customize and polish it in the entire module in pre-done videos format that will make you an awesome Freelancer or Agency Owner


World's Leading Digital Marketing Influencer


Founder- Digital Scholar, echoVME Digital


15+ Years of Experience


200,000+ Trained

Get the Offer while it lasts!


8 Essential training modules everyone requires to Master Facebook Ads.

Complete FB Ads Checklist to use it the right way and reach amazing leads.

Plug and Play Agency Level Advertising systems you can use to Skyrocket your growth

Additional Modules & Execution Guides to help you keep your audience engaged on Facebook

3+ Case Studies to help you learn the exact strategies that I used to leverage fb ads and generate sales.

3+ Tools Tutorials that will ease your efforts in kick-starting your FB ads journey.

And much, much more!

This makes everything you get well over ₹29,999 in value!

And you can get it all for just-


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In Case There's Anything I Missed, Here are Some Commonly Asked Questions!

1. Are the video lessons time-restricted?

No, once you pay the course fee, you have full access to all the course content, open to study at your convenience.

2. Are there any additional charges to the course?

The course comes under a single fee of ₹19,999 only. None of the content in the course comes at an extra cost.

3. How long will it take to complete the course?

As the course is completely self-paced, there is no set schedule for you to complete the course. You learn at your pace!

4. Is there a Refund Policy?

No, there is no refund policy as our association is for a lifetime with a lot of learnings and value. For this purpose, we don't offer any refund once the payment goes through.

5. Who is the Trainer of the Course?

All the Lessons have been taken by Sorav Jain.

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